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The Waterlog is our quarterly newsletter for members only. It is available by email and past issues are archived on the members only section of the web site. Contributions are always welcome, please send your ideas for articles, features and photos to the Roslyn Eskind,

Advertising in the Waterlog

Waterlog Advertising Policy approved by the Board of Directors of the PWDCC August 2005 (amended January 1, 2015 to reflect new Health Policy)

Classes of Advertising

Member Advertising

Portuguese Water Dogs and/or Portuguese Water Dog Kennels must be current PWDCC members in good standing. There are two classes available in this category:

1. Breeding Related Advertising is classified as:

The PWDCC requires members to fully disclose all health data on dogs in breeding related advertising.
Intact dogs under 2 years of age are exempt from OFA by definition, and can be exempt from other testing until their second birthday and can specify NOT TESTED for these categories. CAER is still required in advertising intact dogs under 2. See below for more detail.

2. Non-breeding Related Advertising is classified as:

Health data is not required for Memorial ads or brag ads of non-breeding spayed and neutered pets of members. The ad must state Spayed or Neutered as appropriate.

Commercial Advertising

Advertising from commercial ventures is not restricted to members.

Required Documentation by Advertising Class

1. Breeding Related Advertising, that is, all dogs that are intact require health testing and documentation.

Date of birth must be provided for all dogs.
Only dogs under 2 years of age are exempt from all health testing completed and documented.
Certificates must always accompany health test claims as documentation or complete testing must be posted on the PWD Health and Litter Log

Individual health testing required for both sire and dam in a breeding pair prior to breeding:

At least one parent tested normal for

Breeding must not take place between 2 carriers of prcd-PRA, JCDM or GM-1 or IC as indicated by the test result certificates. Breeding a clear or normal dog to a carrier or to an affected dog is permissible.

Optional test for either or both sire and dam:

CHIC clear by parentage designation for GM-1, prcd-PRA, JDCM, or IC in place of individually tested dogs is acceptable for both or either sire and dam.

When advertising the frozen semen of a deceased dog, health certifications must have been in accordance with the PWDCC advertising policy in effect at the time of the dog’s death.

2. Non-breeding Related Advertising

Date of birth must be provided for all dogs.
Vet certificate indicating spaying or neutering must be submitted with ad (annual exam certificate will indicate this, remember to ask your vet at your dog’s annual exam).

Truth In Advertising

If an advertiser provides false information or claims, a notice will be published in the Waterlog and the advertiser will be suspended from advertising for a year. Challenges to claims in Waterlog ads must be submitted in writing to the PWDCC Secretary within 60 days of the appearance of the ad. Upon notification of a challenge by the Secretary, the advertiser will have 30 days in which to submit a response. The PWDCC Board of Directors then will decide the merits of the challenge, notify all parties of its decision, and include the case in the Board meeting minutes.

PWDCA Health & Litter Database

Submitting an ad with health test documentation to the Waterlog for publication, is a great time to enter this same dog and data on the PWDCA Health and Litter Log for inclusion in the PWD database.

Health data must use the following wording:

GM-1 (choose one of the following)

N99, N99L, N99A, N95, N95L, N95A, C99, C95, IND, AP, GM-1 NOR, GM-1 CAR, GM-1 NOT TESTED (acceptable for dogs under 2 years of age only)

CHIC CBP number

Hips (choose one of the following)

TOO YOUNG TO OFA (acceptable for dogs under 2 years of age only)
OFA PRELIMS (acceptable for dogs 12-24 months) rating of EXCELLENT OR GOOD
OFA PENDING, RADIOGRAPHS SUBMITTED (acceptable one time only on dogs between 2 and 3 years of age)
OVC PASS or Grade I to OVC Grade IV


OFA CAER number with date of exam (choose one of the following)
CURRENT # (current is within 12 months of ad submission)
EYES CLEAR, # PENDING (with copy of exam form)
FAILED (A dog rated Optigen “C” or “C1” can be featured in a breeding related ad provided it has a current CAER exam form with a diagnosis of PRA as the sole reason for failure)

Optigen (Choose one of the following)

OPTIGEN A, A1, B, B1, or C, C1 or Normal, Carrier, Affected (new rating system 2005)
OPTIGEN NOT TESTED (acceptable for dogs under 2 years of age only)
CHIC CBP number



Improper Coat (IC:13)



Ads may include the following in a dog’s health statement using only the wording below.

Ads will not be accepted if information is incomplete or not stated using the acceptable wording.

Health Testing Information

Visit our Health Forms page for downloadable forms and instructions.

Waterlog Advertising Rates/Schedule

Ads sizes colour cost b/w cost art required add*
Full page 7.25 x 9.75 $55.00 $20.00 $65.00
1/2 page vertical 3.5 x 9.75 $35.00 $10.00 $45.00
or 1/2 page horizontal 7.25 x 4.75 $35.00 $10.00 $45.00
1/4 page 3.5 x 4.75 $25.00 $7.00 $25.00
Business Card* 3.5 x 2 $25.00 $15.00 $25.00

*includes placement for the year, 1 scan of card, art, if required, is additional, see above.

Business Card PWDCC Members and Breeders or Commercial Advertisers

Card placement for one year (4 issues, Feb., May, Aug. Nov.) for $25.00 colour, $15.00 black and white.
Supply clean printed card for scanning or Illustrator vector eps, or tiff file, see below for more details.

Ad art must be supplied in Illustrator Outline EPS or MAC QuarkXpress format with fonts and hi-res images loaded on disc or emailed.

Hardcopy printouts should be supplied as well. Email Roslyn Eskind, to notify us that you have sent us a disc or emailed the files. Include a PDF of the files for confirmation.

Please book advertising space with Roslyn Eskind our editor,, as far in advance as possible and no later than the art due date.

Advertising art (files, photos, text) due the first of month for quarterly Waterlog:

2015 Advertising due date Publishing dates
March Waterlog March 1 April 1
June Waterlog June 1 July 1
September Waterlog September 1 October 1
December Waterlog December 1 January 1