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The Canadian Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club Standard with 2001 Revisions

Bringing Your Dog and U.S. Dog Food

Importations of Domestic Dogs - Section 2
“Dogs may enter Canada if accompanied by a valid rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian in either English or French, which clearly identifies the dogs and state that they are currently vaccinated against rabies. The certificate should identify the animal as in breed, colour, weight, etc., and indicate the name of the licensed rabies vaccine used (trade name), including serial number and duration of its validity (up to three years). Please note that if the duration of validity is not indicated on the certificate, it will be considered to be valid for one year.

There is no waiting period imposed between the time the animal is vaccinated for rabies and the time the animal is imported into Canada.

Does my pet dog need a health certificate?

Unaccompanied pet dogs less than 8 months of age will require a health certificate.
Pet dogs over the age of 8 months that are travelling to Canada by air may require a health certificate by the commercial airline. Contact your airline carrier for additional information on their requirements.

Call Canada Border Services Agency at 1-800-461-9999 or 1-867-862-7230 to check on updated requirements for dog food crossing the border.

PWD Clubs in Canada

Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada
Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club

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The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada
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