Available Puppies

The following PWDCC breeders support PWDCC Rescue and health testing recommendations of all breeding animals. The PWDCC provides this list as an information service only and does not endorse, or recommend any breeders. It is the buyer’s responsibility to research each breeder and his/her dogs for sale as there are a wide variety of temperament issues and breeding goals within our PWD breeding community.

Ask for health documentation and reference our site for a complete list of health tests (recommended tests include final OFA Hip certification [Elbow evaluation optional]; Eyes; annual OFA ECR [Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Eye Certification Registry]; Optigen tests for prcd-PRA, EOPRA, GM-1 for Storage Disease, Improper Coat testing, and Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy testing) and appropriate pass/normal or carrier results. Health testing however, has been confirmed on both the sire and dam on all litters/puppies advertised for placement on this site.