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Showing in Canada

The Canadian Kennel Club –
Canadian Kennel Club Standard with 2001 Revisions –

Travelling with your dog to Canada from the U.S.

You will need a current passport and be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. For more information visit

To bring a dog across the border you will need a rabies certificate for entry into Canada. For more information, see the

Bringing U.S. Dog Food

Travellers may bring into Canada a personal import of pet food (limit of 20 kg), if the import meets all of the following requirements:

Pet food for personal use can be brought in to Canada from the U.S, see for more information

PWD Clubs in Canada

Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada,

Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club,


The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada
2022 National Specialty

Steering Committee:

Roslyn Eskind

Jennifer Byers

Deirdre Hall

Versatility Awards

Karen Matthews


Lorie Crouch

Water Trial

Joanne Skalos
Trial Secretary

Carolynne Issa
Brawna Levy

Pat Vokes
Roy Vokes
Equipment Stewards

Kathy Hick
Lorie Crouch
Co-Chief Stewards

Angie Frasson
Susan Vandenberg
Sara Hunte
Hospitality and Merchandise Sales