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About the Club

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada was formed for the benefit of Portuguese Water Dogs and their owners. The club provides an opportunity for us to have fun sharing our common interest and to learn more about all aspects of living with a Portuguese Water Dog.

The PWDCC was formed in 1993 as the national purebred club of the Portuguese Water Dog in Canada. We are governed by the Constitution and By-laws established for the club and registered as a not-for-profit club with the Canadian Kennel Club.

The club objectives as stated in our Constitution are:

  • to encourage and promote breeding of purebred Portuguese Water Dogs, (conformation and temperament for companions) and do all possible to bring their natural qualities to the forefront.
  • to urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the Canadian Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which the Portuguese Water Dogs shall be judged.
  • to encourage the organization of local Branches of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada in those locations where there are sufficient fanciers of the breed.
  • do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and encourage sports person-like competition at dog shows and trials, under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • the club encourages all members to be responsible owners, promoting the welfare of the breed and a willingness to share information honestly.


Individual membership is open to all persons eighteen years or older, who at the time of joining who subscribe to the purpose of this club. Any person who has been deprived, suspended, debarred, expelled from or whose membership has been terminated from the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club or any other national registering body for dogs shall not be granted membership to this club.

Member benefits

As a club member you benefit from a range of services and programs designed to keep you informed, make new friends, have fun with your PWD and help benefit the breed we love so much!

Online Membership Application Form

Fill out the membership application form online then pay for your membership via PayPal.

Register Online

Online Renewal Membership Application Form

If you’re already a Member or a Puppy Member applying for a full membership, fill out the form then pay for your membership via PayPal.

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The National Club has responsibility for:

Club newsletter, The Waterlog

  • issued quarterly, this publication will keep you up-to-date with all the club events and current issues.
  • each issue includes feature articles on performance, training, breeding and health, and showcases members and their dogs.
  • available by email or on the member protected section of the club website

Our website, www.pwdcc.org

  • our website will keep you connected and be there to help with any immediate general questions, club events, PWDCC rescue, available puppies and more
  • member protected section includes access to members’ chat forum, membership directory, and official club communications, e.g. board meeting minutes

Liaising with the Canadian Kennel Club and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America

  • to maintain sanctioning for events, and advocating on behalf of our breed;
  • the National club is responsible for the breed standard as posted with the CKC.

Judges Education

  • the PWDCC educational seminar for CKC-approved judges includes a Powerpoint presentation with handouts that is presented with live dogs who are available to be gone over and gaited to demonstrate the correct variety of coat type, colour, size and clip in the breed.

National Specialties

  • the National Specialty is presently held every 2 years;
  • the board attempts to move the show to centres across Canada;
  • are hosted by local Branches or members who are approved by the board.

To contact the entire Board of the PWDCC click on the email link below. Your concerns and issues will be responded to and you will be contacted by the Board for further information if required.

Email the Board

Branches of the PWDCC

  • Branches are set-up by members petition to the National Club;
  • their responsibility is to provide local events to members;
  • they are governed by Branch By-Laws and the the PWDCC Constitution and By-Laws;
  • membership in a Branch is automatic by definition of the member’s home address upon joining the National club;
  • if there is no Branch in your location, with the petition of 10 active members, and the will to provide events, a Branch can be established, please refer to the PWDCC Constitution and By-Laws;
  • Branches may produce PWDCC branded merchandise to support events.

Member events

Events are organized by the local branch clubs, at this time Ontario has the first PWDCC Branch, the PWDCOntario. Fun and informative events are run throughout the year including:

  • performance clinics on water work, agility, obedience and tracking;
  • seminars on health, grooming, handling, breeding;
  • hosting the National Specialty Show.

Member involvement

The club exists for our members and in turn cannot exist without your active involvement. Participation includes:

  • event planning;
  • event participation;
  • board* or sub-committee member;
  • articles for the Waterlog;
  • input to our website;
  • clinic or seminar presenter;
  • member feedback-what you like, how can we make things even better!

New Puppy Introductory Offer

New owners of a member breeder puppy are invited to join the club for an introductory year’s participation in the club including the Waterlog, access to the members only section and activities suitable for a young pup. The New Puppy Introductory Offer does not confer membership for the next fiscal year or voting privileges.

PWDCC Breeder Litters

Effective September 1, 2022, the PWDCC will have a one year trial of a Breeder Listing.

The Breeder List will run under the following criteria:

  • Member for at least one year (as per litter listing)
  • All litters posted on the Available Puppies webpage (where are health testing is provided) ($20.00 per litter)
  • All puppies sold with New Puppy Membership ($1.00 per puppy, note breeders have the option of having the puppy owner pay for this)
  • All puppies registered with the CKC by the breeder
  • When a bitch is owned by two or more breeders, all breeders have to be members of the PWDCC in good standing. The exception to this rule is if the co-breeder is a resident of the United States or other international location.
  • Any stud dog owned or co-owned by someone on the breeder list can only breed their stud where the bitch is bully health tested

Non-compliance, checked by CKC stud dog directory released typically in August the following year will result in immediate removal from the PWDCC Breeder List with no refunds should the following occur:

  • Not reporting a litter.
  • Not individually registering puppies in a litter that is registered.
  • Not registering a litter
  • First oops litter, must be reported (accidental breeding where testing on the breeding pair is not complete)
  • 2nd oops litter, removed from the list for minimum of 6 months or the remainder of the year.
  • 3rd opps litter, no longer eligible.

Effective January 1, 2015, Breeders are welcome to post their litters on the PWDCC website. To be eligible to post a litter, a breeder must be a member in good standing of the PWDCC for at least one year. When a bitch is owned by two or more breeders, all breeders have to be members of the PWDCC in good standing. The exception to this rule is if the co-breeder is a resident of the United States or other international location. The cost per listing is $20.00. There is no restriction on the number of listings per breeder per calendar year. All funds generated will support PWDCC Rescue.

When you have a litter due, 4 weeks in advance of the whelping date, send in your form to the program coordinator with supporting heath documents on the sire and dam or indicate on the form if the health testing on the sire and dam is current on ofa.org. The litter information will be posted on the club website after the health data is verified as current. New for 2023: The listing can be posted in 4 week increments up to a maximum of 16 weeks. (i.e. on confirmation of pregnancy, usually at 4 weeks by ultrasound, to pups at 12 weeks). The listing will consist of breeder contact information, including a link to your website and email, name of sire and dam and all supporting health testing. The listing will indicate if puppies are or are not available in the litter.

Our member Code of Ethics requires all member breeders to assume life-long responsibility for re-homing all puppies they produce should this be necessary. But, we are faced with re-homing non-member breeders’ dogs and the Available Puppies Program supports this effort. See the program application form for more details on required health testing for each litter’s sire and dam.

Membership application

To become a member of the PWDCC either

  • use the online PDF Application Form, print out and mail it with the membership fee, pay by cheque (payable to Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada),
  • PayPal option, please mail in the form
  • or you can email the form when paying by credit card

Diane Dirsus
120 Bayview Avenue
Keswick ON L4P 2S9

Annual membership fee:

Individual membership: $35.00 Canadian
Family membership: $35.00 for first member and $10.00 for each additional member (One Waterlog issue is distributed per household)

Membership year and dues payable

Annual club membership runs from January 1st through December 31st each year.

New Memberships are pro-rated

New members joining the club for the first time between September 1 and December 31, will receive membership for balance of the current fiscal year and the following membership year.

Membership Renewals Notice: October each year, fees are due January 1 following.
*Board members and officers must be in compliance with all PWDCC policies and procedures.