Code of Ethics

This code is established to further the objectives of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada (PWDCC) set forth in the Club Constitution. All PWDCC members have an obligation to protect the Portuguese Water Dog and its future by putting the breed’s welfare before any consideration of profit or personal advantage and by protecting it from exploitation, irresponsible promotion and careless breeding. All PWDCC members are representatives of the club and our breed. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which brings respect to the club and to the breed by displaying good sportsmanship at all events, civility, honesty and responsibility for their dogs and themselves at all times.

1. Members:

2. Breeders and/or stud dog owners shall:

3. Breeders (owners of the brood bitch) shall:

4. Breeders are encouraged to supply PWDCC membership form and a copy of the Code of Ethics to all puppy/adult dog buyers.


5. Club Members in Positions of Leadership (i.e. Board Members, Rescue Co-ordinator, Breeder Contact, Branch Club Executive) in addition, shall:

6. No Portuguese Water Dog will be sold or consigned to commercial facilities, businesses or agents thereof.