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PWDCC Specialty and K-W All Breed entries close
Saturday May 5, 2018 at 6:00 pm EST, or when the limit of 200 dogs per show is reached for Monday May 21 shows
Online entry:, 1-800-293-2935 or, 1-877-993-6879
2018 PWDCC National Specialty Schedule – to come

Show Secretary

MJN Show Services
9 Samya Court
Scarborough, ON M1R 2A4
F 416-759-7790

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2018 National Specialty and K-W All Breed Schedule
2018 National Specialty Premium
2018 National Specialty Entry Form
2018 K-W All Breed and Rally Premium
2018 Rally Obedience Trials Entry Form

Superdog qualifying trials

Saturday Trial 1
Standard, and Trial 2 JWW (see details below for entry)

Monday Trial 1
Novice A & B, Intermediate, Advanced A & B, Excellent A & B, Masters
(see K-W premium for entry)

4 CKC Agility Trials

Prizes for Highest in Class and High overall PWD on the Superdog Day

2 Trials Saturday and 2 Trials Sunday
1 round each of Standard, JWW, PAD and Jumps & Tunnels
2 rounds of Steeplechase.

1 round each of Standard, JWW, PAD and Steeplechase
2 rounds of Jumps & Tunnels.

All Regular, Selected and Veterans classes are offered.

Saturday: Billie I Mclean, Barrie, ON
Sunday: Sherri L Gourlie, Hillsdale, ON

Exhibitors prizes are given for each dog entered.
New titles rosettes are given to every dog finishing a title.

CLOSING DATE: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 9:00 pm

For more information and to mail entries:
Michelle Ross, Agility Trial Secretary
10510 First Line, Moffat, ON L0P 1J0 905-854-1966

Additional contact for information:
Marcia Halliday
Agility Trial Chairman

U.S. Competitors Coming to Canada

To bring a dog across the border you will need a rabies certificate that is dated at least 30 days prior to entry into Canada. For more information, see the Canada Customs Inspection website at

The shows in Canada are friendly and you will find lots of friendly people, and good sportsmanship is the norm rather than the exception.

Your dog will be judged against the Canadian Standard so be aware of some differences. Both the Retriever clip and the Lion clip are now officially accepted in CKC shows.

In the Ring

There are a couple of things you should know before showing in Canada. While the procedures are basically the same as AKC there are some important differences.

You will be called into the ring in order of your armband numbers. The steward and the judge will be checking your number against the judge’s book so wait your turn or you will have the wrath of the steward come down on you.

If you are showing a puppy, don’t go away after you win your class because at CKC shows there is a Best Puppy in Breed award as well as Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show. Puppy in Breed is awarded after the Best of Breed, Opposite and Winners ribbons are given out. If your puppy has placed Best Puppy in Breed but it has won no points, if you wish you may choose not to compete in the Best Puppy in Group judging. If your puppy has placed Best Puppy in Breed and it has won points you will not loose your points if you choose not to compete in the Best Puppy in Group judging. You are obligated to stay for Group judging if your dog wins Best of Breed. Points are awarded at the Group level for those who need them and the number of points awarded is based on the number of breeds represented in the ring. It is simply not “cricket” to miss the group judging and you will lose any points your dog was awarded at the Breed level.

To achieve a Canadian Championship your dog must be awarded a total of 10 points under at least 3 different judges and one 2-point “major”.

What’s required to Enter

In order to have your points officially awarded, your dog must either be registered with CKC ( have an ERN which is an Event Registration Number (Access the form here). This number must be applied for within 30 days of obtaining points, scores or awards in order to avoid cancellation. To apply for your ERN, submit a photocopy of your dog’s U.S. registration certificate and the appropriate fee (which at this time is $55.00 Canadian Funds), along with a letter of request to the CKC. This information is included in all the Canadian premium lists you will receive. If your dog doesn’t already have an ERN you will need to pay a “listing fee” of about $8.00 per day of shows until your dog has one. All this is explained on the entry form as well.

Entry fees are payable in Canadian dollars. If you use a personal American cheque it must be made out for the full amount of the entry and no exchange will be refunded. You are urged to purchase bank drafts or money orders payable in Canadian funds.

CKC rules forbid unentered dogs in the show premises so if you have to bring the old fellow along and want him in the show building enter him in “exhibition only”. It will only cost $10.00 or so.

In The Rally Obedience and Agility Rings

AKC registered dogs living in the U.S. are welcome, but need an ERN (see “what’s required to enter” section). Dogs with AKC or UKC Rally Obedience or Agility titles need to “start over” with obtaining titles in Canada, so dogs with Novice titles in AKC or UKC must begin with Novice B. Dogs without AKC or UKC obedience titles are eligible to enter Novice A. Competitors are also advised to obtain a CKC Rally Obedience and Agility Rule Books as the rules are different.

Junior Handling

Note: In accordance with Canadian Kennel Club Rules, the Junior Handler does NOT have to own the dog being shown.