Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada

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Rescue Coordinators, please contact if you know of a PWD in need of rescue:

Program Coordinator and Central Region

Western Region

Prairies Region
Ian Koturbash
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Eastern Region
Jennifer Byers
Montreal, Quebec


To protect and re-home suitable PWDs when their current owner(s) is unable to continue with their care. To assist owners with problems so that Rescue is not required. To liaise with breeders to inform them of their dogs in need.


  • PWDCC will only take into Rescue a dog when the breeder of that dog declines to take back the dog. Member breeders are obligated by our member Code of Ethics to take back their dogs, failure to do so will result in a fee for the care of their dogs while in PWDCC Rescue. Failure to pay this fee is liable to action by the PWDCC Board.
  • No dog with a history of biting people will be a suitable candidate for PWDCC Rescue. Upon evaluation and assessment by PWDCC Rescue, if a dog is discovered to have this type of history, it will be returned to its owner or euthanized.
  • All dogs are spayed and neutered. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, there may be extenuating circumstances where an intact dog is placed with an adopter. In that case, it will be the responsibility of the adopter to have the rescue dog spayed or neutered at their expense.
  • All expenses incurred for each dog must be documented and reported quarterly to the PWDCC Board by the PWDCC Coordinator. The Coordinator will be reimbursed for expenses, anything over $750.00 should be pre-approved by the Board.

Surrender Procedures

  • PWDCC Rescue Coordinator will contact the President and Board of a dog coming into Rescue and if that dog was bred by a member breeder.
  • Dogs turned over to PWDCC Rescue must be accompanied by vaccination and health records, sales contract, completed PWDCC Rescue Surrender form.
  • Owners will be solicited to donate to PWDCC Rescue to defray the costs of caring for and placing their dog.
  • All dogs taken into PWDCC Rescue will be examined by a Veterinarian, including a stool sample taken and assessed. Health problems and vaccination updates will be addressed at this time. All dogs will be neutered or spayed if intact.
  • All dogs will be evaluated for temperament and conditions of placement. Any behavior issues will be noted on the dogs records and divulged to prospective adopters. Only homes willing and experienced to deal with behavior issues will be considered for dogs with issues.
  • PWDCC contracts cannot be used when adoption is directly from the original owners home to a new adoptive home. All prospective adopters must first be evaluated and assessed by PWDCC Rescue.
  • If a PWD is found in a shelter, and the breeder cannot be determined, PWDCC Rescue will attempt to obtain the dog, or work with the shelter to provide breed specific information to assist in a successful placement by the shelter.

Adopter Procedures

  • All persons seeking a dog from PWDCC Rescue must first fill out our application form.
  • A phone interview and a home visit, at PWDCC’s discretion, will also be required.
  • A list will be kept by PWDCC Rescue Coordinator of all call contacts and a separate list of approved and pre-screened adopters.
  • Placement is not by order on the list, but by suitability of each adopter to the dog(s) in question.
  • CKC, AKC or other Kennel registration papers will be given to the adopter(s), if available when the adoption is deemed to be permanent by PWDCC Rescue. If an intact dog is placed in an adopter home, see Policy 3. above, registration papers will only be provided to the adopter when a veterinary certificate of spaying/neutering has been received by the Rescue Coordinator.
  • PWDCC Rescue will endeavor to provide as much help and support to each adopter. Follow up calls will be made and adopters must agree to a pre-planned in-home visit at the Coordinator’s discretion.
  • A donation to PWDCC Rescue is required for each dog placed by the adopter.
  • A one-year PWDCC membership is provided on adoption.

Breeder Obligations

Under the PWDCC Code of Ethics, a member breeder is obligated to take back all dogs they produce should re-homing become necessary.

If they cannot, and the dog comes into PWDCC Rescue, the breeder must be responsible for all costs incurred in assessing and placing the dog in a new family. This includes but does not preclude other expenses: vet bills, boarding, food, medication, toys, bed, crate, collar and leash and any other reasonable expense to maintain the dog. The breeder will not have a right to audit or dispute the bill as tendered. Failure on the part of the breeder to pay this bill within the calendar year of its occurrence will result in a Board hearing and possible expulsion from the club. This expulsion will be published in the Waterlog and on our web site.